Integra IP work in an adaptable, professional and discreet manner. Through our proactive method and hands on approach we establish the true extent of issues impacting upon a clients business – ground truth. We are able to expose illicit trade networks, key players, infrastructures and routes to market. Working with our clients we are then able to determine the most effective course of action. Our range of brand protection services include:

  • IPR infringement and illicit trade investigations
  • Market intelligence
  • Enforcement and compliance operations
  • International test purchasing and controlled deliveries
  • Litigation support
  • Product surveys – online and physical
  • Network mapping and analysis
  • Revenue recovery initiatives
  • Patent infringement research
  • Reseller audits and supply chain monitoring.
  • Internet investigations, monitoring and analysis
  • Enforcement agency training
  • Internet monitoring
  • Online advertisement and listing removal
  • Website takedowns